Lors d’un événement public, il est primordial de prévoir l’équipement sanitaire approprié pour assurer la bonne tenue du festival, de la course ou de tout autre type d’événements de petite ou grande envergure.

Nous offrons donc toute une gamme de toilettes mobiles en location convenant à des besoins distincts. Si vous organisez un événement où vous prévoyez d’accueillir des personnes à mobilité réduite, si vous désirez avoir un îlot de lavabos ou une station de purel, ou encore si vous pensez que des douches seraient utiles, nous avons l’équipement qu’il vous faut.

CUSTOMIZED services for your event




With over 1,500 known brand rental units at your disposal, you can choose the type of sanitary equipment that perfectly fits your needs. Depending on the event you plan, the rental time varies from days to weeks. You can also add a variety of accessories such as a hand-sanitizing station, sinks, insulating covers…

  • Over 1,500 rental units
  • Equipment adapted to your needs
  • Short or medium-term rental</l i>
  • Variety of accessories</ li>



Our experienced team takes care of everything from your needs assessment to the delivery and on-site maintenance of rented material. We use rigorous and safe working methods throughout your event phases. Enjoy a turnkey service customized to your event and your requests.

  • Experienced and dedicated team
  • Rigorous and safe working method
  • Turnkey service
  • Customized approach



Enjoy a complete maintenance service adapted to the equipment you rent. Depending on the type of event, we get on site every day, on request, to directly perform your units’ maintenance using professionalism and safe methods, especially when we walk through the crowd.

  • Paper refill
  • Brief clean
  • On-site maintenance at any hour of the day
  • Adapted service



Thanks to our 2 truck types especially equipped to easily access the event location, we see to limit unnecessary travels. It is important to always plan the delivery at least 4 weeks before the event. We can deliver up to 54 units simultaneously, so you are sure to receive all your units on the same day.

  • Trucks especially equipped for easy access
  • Unnecessary travels limited
  • Delivery planning at least 4 weeks in advance
  • Up to 54 units delivered simultaneously

DIVERSIFIED products that suit
your needs



Late June 2017

200,000 people

190 units
19 showers
Service 1 or 2 times a day

3 full-time teams for the 4-day event

Over 6 200 km driven for delivery and pickup



Tamaracouta Camp, Mille-Isles

July 29 to August 12, 2017

138 regular units
1 toilet for people with mobility impairment
7 hand-sanitizing stations

3 simultaneous teams every day in the various sectors

Delivery for
1 week
before and pickup for
1 week




Since 2014


Between 10 and 34 toilets with hand-sanitizing stations

Versatile and flexible team ensuring quick installation and de-installation

Delivery directly on the racetrack during the weekend


RESERVE your hand-sanitizing station

How many toilets do we need depending on the number of people?

For an event, every toilet can be used 300 times. If a sink is added, the unit can then be used 200 times, although this is not recommended for a public event.

Are the portable toilets empty when delivered?

After an event, the toilets are picked up, emptied, cleaned and reconditioned for the next delivery. This way, you get clean units, in which toilet paper rolls and a superior odor control product are added.

How long before the event should we reserve our toilets?

Since we receive a high number of requests for the summer, we recommend reserving your units at least 1 or 2 months in advance. This way, you make sure the units are available, and that we are available to deliver, clean and pick up the toilets at the time you want.

How can we prevent long line-ups for the bathrooms?

When you are planning your event, there are several things you must take into consideration: will there be food and drinks served, will the time to use the toilets be limited (i.e. interludes). We strongly recommend you call us so we can identify your actual needs.

Can we get our unit cleaned and emptied during the event?

Yes, we can offer a waste disposal and paper refill service during your event. The best would be to perform the cleaning in a down time, such as between 2 concerts, in the morning or after the activities. Performing a cleaning service during the event helps reduce the number of toilets needed while ensuring the participants a pleasant experience.

What should we do when running out of toilet paper during the event?

You can, and we recommend it, buy a toilet paper box directly from Toilettes Québec. The box will be delivered with your portable toilets, at which time we will also give you a copy of the key allowing you to replace the rolls on a timely basis. Simply mention it when you place your order.