A construction site is often a challenging and active environment. So, when it comes to sanitary equipment, sturdiness is of the utmost importance.

Made using a method that mixes strong materials such as polyethylene with additives to create the most durable plastic available on the market, our portable toilets have a sturdy and reliable construction. This way, the equipment you rent is specially manufactured to resist the high-pace environment that is a construction site.

CUSTOMIZED services for your site




Whether your construction site is planned over 4 weeks, a whole season or even years, we offer a sturdy construction product medium or long-term rental service according to your needs. If your site occurs in winter, we can also provide a regular or deluxe insulated and heated toilet to ensure your workers’ well-being.

  • Medium or long-term rental
  • Minimum 4-week rental
  • Options available according to your needs
  • Perfect sturdy construction



A construction site calls for very specific needs. We can quickly guide you and offer the best advice depending on the number of workers on your site as well as the site’s surface area. We make sure to fully understand your particular situation to guarantee durable sanitary equipment.

  • Comprehensive and dedicated team
  • Customized consultant service
  • Durable equipment fit to your situation
  • Quick response



Our products’ cleanliness is of the utmost importance for us. Therefore, we perform a weekly inspection of every unit to ensure its good working order. Our maintenance routine includes a brief clean, waste siphoning, water changing, toilet paper refill, and superior odor control product adding. Upon request, we can also increase the maintenance frequency.

  • Weekly inspection of the units
  • Brief clean with waste siphoning
  • Toilet paper refill
  • Custom maintenance frequency



For a construction site, the delivery terms are about 1 to 3 days. Don’t forget to think of these terms before your workers start. If the ground is bumpy and therefore not accessible by truck, our delivery men go as far as they can and leave the units as close as possible to the desired location. We offer a very flexible service fitting your needs.

  • 1 to 3-day delivery terms
  • Delivery on flat grounds
  • Installation where the trucks can go
  • Flexible service

DIVERSIFIED products that suit
your needs

How many toilets do we need depending on the number of people?

On a construction site, a regular toilet is suitable for 10 people working 40 hours per week. If a sink is added, the united is suitable for 7 workers on site 40 hours per week.

How are the toilets delivered?

The toilets are delivered by trucks and trailers, so the construction site needs to be accessible by pick-ups. Don’t forget that delivery needs to be done on flat grounds. We don’t use loading platforms.

Can you provide cleaning services twice per week?

Yes, we can easily offer 2 services per week in almost every served area. Simply mention it when you place your order.

Can the cleaning services be performed at any time during the week?

No, we try to offer a continuous and stable service, which is why we have pre-established routes. When you place your order, all you have to do is ask, and we will let you know what day the cleaning service is scheduled.

How far in advance must I place my order?

The sooner the better, obviously. However, a 24 to 48-hour term in generally enough, depending on the model you chose. We always try to answer our clients’ requests as quickly as possible. We are normally able to offer delivery on the same day or the day after.

When will the toilet be picked up?

For long-term contracts, we always wait for your call. We strongly recommend allowing 24 to 48 hours (business hours) for us to come pick up your units. You can also set the pickup date in advance and change it if needed. We are extremely flexible with that.