In business
since 1995

Founded in 1995 as Location Expo portable toilet rental division, Toilettes Québec set the standards in the sanitary equipment industry.
In 2001, after working for several years to satisfy the parent company’s contractor customer base, Toilettes Québec spun off to become a separately operated company.
Today, Toilettes Québec counts a wide and diversified customer base, including several companies and organizations. We offer 2 known suppliers sanitary equipment that you need for your events of all kinds as well as construction sites.

Our vision

Our specialty is what makes us unique. Since our foundation, we develop our expertise in portable toilets to ensure the best customized service to each client.

Our diligent team works closely with our clients to really understand and completely and quickly meet their needs. We make every effort to respect both the people we deal with and the environment in which we work in every step leading to your event. We show professionalism and take all necessary security measures to prevent all risks when installing and maintaining your units.

Rest assured that with Toilettes Québec, you get a vigorous, flexible, safe and strong service.

Over 1000 RENTAL units


Our team of experts

Our dedicated team of experts offers an unparalleled consulting service to identify our clients’ actual needs. We work closely with event planners and make all the necessary changes, guaranteeing a service that reflects your requirements.

Our team also includes people in charge of waste disposal and unit maintenance, in addition to the delivery people who take care of bringing the toilets on site and picking them up after the event or construction site.

From logistics, product availability or delivered equipment cleanliness perspectives, our team makes a point of offering a worry-free experience.

Our environmental awareness

For us, respecting the environment is as important as respecting the people we work with. This is why, in addition to providing toilet and hand paper made of recycled material, we make every effort to optimize the logistics by limiting unnecessary travels and making the most of every trip.

When we collect the waste in your units, we bring it to an organic waste pickup and transformation center, which also offers composting services that comply with the strictest environmental standards.