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With over 20 years of experience in portable toilet rentals, Toilettes Québec ensures the success of your private or public events and construction sites. As a sanitary equipment rental company that sets the standards, we offer a wide selection of over 1,500 rental units suited to every need, for any event or construction site of any duration.

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If you’re planning a private reception and need to rent a portable toilet for your guests, you can trust us. We have a wide array of toilets available for short-term rentals to ensure the success of your event: toilets for children, toilets with hand sanitizer, flushing toilet units with a urinal…

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For public events such as festivals of various sizes, we offer a complete line of durable and sturdy equipment to face changing crowds. Whether you want regular toilets, hand-sanitizing stations, or even toilets for people with mobility impairment, we have all the products you can expect.

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Insulated heated toilets, clear water flushing toilets, Deluxe Plus toilets… Rent the portable toilet that perfectly suits your lively and demanding construction environment. Whether your site is planned over weeks, months or even years, you can rent our sturdy equipment for a short- or medium-term period, according to your needs.

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In business
since 1995

Toilettes Québec has been accommodating all their customers for over 20 years. With our team’s expertise, we set the standards in portable toilet rentals, delivery and maintenance for all types of events and construction sites. Committed to providing the best guidance, we offer a wide selection of sanitary products and customized services.



If you are planning a one-day private reception, if you are in charge of organizing a huge city festival or public event in a park, or if you are working on a construction site that is planned over a season, we can provide over a thousand rental sanitary products for every need.


Whether you know exactly which unit you need or know nothing about portable toilets, our hard-working team is dedicated to your needs and knows how to offer a fast and customized service to meet your expectations.


Never worry about your portable toilet maintenance; we take care of everything. From waste disposal to sanitizing product and paper refill, we make sure your unit is spotlessly clean at the time of delivery and after every sanitization service.


In addition to delivering and picking up your units at any time, we ensure the installation in your desired spot, on a flat and truck-accessible ground. If you cannot attend the delivery, simply send us a plan or detailed description, and we will take care of everything.


  • Portable toilets: our specialty and priority
  • Over 1,500 rental units
  • Pioneer in the field
  • Family company
  • Warm contact
  • Fast and reliable service on the Montreal North Shore
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